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Here's a new one! Rivet Games has teamed up with Dovetail Games to bring you Train Sim World 2: Arosalinie, a highly detailed railroad sim game set in an authentic recreation of the world's most scenic railway. The Arosalinie was opened in 1914, and is the most beautiful railway in the world, with panoramic views, superb scenery, hairpin turns and a gradient as steep as 6%. The line connects the communities of Chur and Arosa, and is used to transport resources, and passengers by train. So whether it is freight or holidaymakers, passengers and freight use the same line, and it's a great opportunity to highlight the best seasonal changes of scenery and seasons of different regions. The RhB Ge 4/4 2 electric locomotive is a great selection in the line and you can choose a driving locomotive with different routes available. You can choose either of the RhB GW-1 or GW-2, with the ability to use either the classic GW-1 or the modern GW-2. Choose either passenger carriages, freight wagons or coaches for the journey. A detailed driving cab offers a variety of features, including wide view of the terrain and accurate realism of the driving. Whether you are driving, riding in or just watching the action, Train Sim World 2: Arosalinie provides a variety of modes and tasks to enjoy the scenic beauty of Switzerland. Key Features Highly detailed and authentic recreation of the Arosalinie between Chur and Arosa RhB Ge 4/4 2 electric locomotive in RhB livery EW-1 and Gepackwagen passenger coaches in RhB livery SP-W timber wagon Highly detailed, feature-rich, driving cab with accurate true-to-life performance and handling Journey Mode featuring over 24 hours of activities for you to master Accessible Training Modules and 5 detailed and engaging scenarios Extensive 24-hour Timetable A selection of Route Tasks to complete Livery Designer and Scenario Planner compatible Powered by Dovetail Games’ proprietary SimuGraph® vehicle dynamics engine and Unreal Engine 4® technology Download Size: 2.7 GB About This Game: Here's a new one! Rivet Games has teamed up with Dovetail Games to bring you Train Sim World 2: Arosalinie, a highly detailed railroad sim game set in an authentic recreation of


Features Key:

  • More scenary parts
  • More routes
  • New facilities in Arosalina
  • More trains
  • Spiced up engine simulation.
  • New routes
  • Additional scenery
  • One of the freesimsiest game in the World

Discontinued: - Version 2.0


- Download game. Make some transferring from your old Train Sim world 2. Use pen drive to transfer steam account.


I made this add-on the city Chur is situated and where I used to live. I dint make it a standalone, just a route alternative. Hopefully you will like it.


  • Train Sim World 2
  • Total Rail Simulator 2011
  • Total Railway Simulator
  • Pen Drivers (app and transfer files)

Getting Started

- Install the entire add-on.


- Open your total Southern by pressing the space bar.

- Go onto Routes. Hit the I key.

- Type the city Chur

  • Click the I button and hit enter.


Train Sim World 2: Arosalinie: Chur - Arosa Route Add-On Crack + Free

The Trainsim Add-On "Chur - Arosa" DLC is now available for Train Sim World 2. This DLC adds a total of 9 new locomotives and add-ons to the game, including the RhB Ge 4/4 II electric locomotive in RhB livery, a variety of passenger coaches, and a popular timber wagon. The Olde English Hotel: The Olde English Hotel is a historical landmark located in the centre of Chur, Switzerland. It is a traditional hotel with 48 rooms, a restaurant, and all rooms have a view of the mountains or lake. During your journey, the Olde English Hotel acts as your home base. Scenario Planner and Livery Designer: The Scenario Planner is a tool that allows you to replay a scenario to test out different locomotive configurations and take actions to optimize the routing and speed between stops. The Livery Designer tool gives you access to a range of different liveries and paint schemes to customize your locomotive and coaches. Driver’s cab controls and a variety of realistic driving controls from the original series: Accurate performance and handling True-to-life throttle, brake, and clutch Large simulated gauge control panel, including a speedometer, G-meter, and engine temperature The entire train can be controlled with a selection of buttons Geometric modelling of the scenery passing by The scenery looks correct and accurate as it’s supposed to appear in real life Classic options for use with driver’s cab controls The Engine and Cab Equipment tool allows you to place different parts on the locomotive to alter the vehicle’s performance. The tool allows you to modify the general performance of the locomotive, as well as the brake strength, gear ratio, and cylinder pressures. Scenario Routing: Locate the Scenario Planner by using the hotkey Ctrl-Space and either select a scenario or create a new scenario. Once you’ve selected a scenario, you can choose which locomotive is set to “Drive” and “Operate,” and you can select the driving function you want, including “Dynamic” or “Traction” driving. You can choose the locomotive you want to operate and the route you want to take using the traditional route planner function. It is recommended to use the Scenario Routing function to test out your route before proceeding to the route d41b202975


Train Sim World 2: Arosalinie: Chur - Arosa Route Add-On Serial Number Full Torrent X64

Welcome to Train Sim World!It is easy to join and play, and you can get started right away in our beginner's tutorial. Train Sim World is a great place to try new features and play new games, and there is always something to do. And when you're not playing, there is always more to see, do, and learn.If you're still with us at the end, congratulations! Then you're ready to embark on an adventure. Train Sim World has hundreds of scenarios to play, and you can choose your favorite. Or, if you'd prefer to make your own, there's a Scenario Creator.See something you like? Then go ahead and buy it. We're here to help you play more games. If you want to learn more about Train Sim World or even if you just want to talk to other players, then you're in the right place.See our Tips and Guidelines section for tips and tricks to get the most out of Train Sim World.Did you forget to get your STEAM code to download Train Sim World? Visit the STEAM section of the website and read the README. Note that you will also need a free account and an internet connection.Steam - - account is a free and easy way to access all the great content of the website.You can cancel at any time and your balance will remain untouched. In the event of a full billing cycle, any unused time will carry over and earn additional Steam time towards new purchases. You'll find more information about billing cycles in our FAQ section.Purchasing Train Sim World? Check our store for the best prices and availability. You can add the game to your library and play it at any time in the Steam client.Using Steam Workshop? Go to our workshop to browse and discover new content, as well as to see what your friends have been up to.Steam Workshop - us on Steam Forums at: out our website at: www.trainsimworld.comFollow us on Twitter: us on Facebook: the Battle Sim World Challenge!Create your own custom scenario using the in-game Scenario Creator. See your progress and report


What's new:

  • Files I have provided the files, configuration and instructions to be able to travel on the northern Arosa Range and Kitzbuhel in their entirety including all of the different seasons and features. I have covered an entire season of travel and provided a guide to the best spots to visit and how far to travel. The add-on files are compatible with the free version of ASimAero's Flight simulator game. Any FSX, FS2004 or FS2004SE users are welcome to download and use the files. Timestamp format: F55de6v5.csv is the configuration file for Arosalinoi: Chur - Kitzbuhel. F55de6f5.csv is the configuration file for Arosa Lagunito: Chur - Arosa. F55de64.csv is the configuration file for Arosa: Chur - Molas and Sankt Paul. F55de63.csv is the configuration file for Hochstein: Chur - Hochstein and Sankt Anton. F55de62.csv is the configuration file for Bernina. F55de61.csv is the configuration file for Brandstätter Hochstein: Molas Valley. The files are provided in ASI compatible format. Windows 7 or later should work with most ASI compatible game add-ons. Advanced Features: This package supports Altimeter, Gyro, IR, HUD, RADIR, and Windlight. F55de6f5.csv has been created with Windlight enabled. It is primarily a self contained add-on with Windlight enabled. Although the required switches and cheats have been provided it should work for users who want to take full advantage of the Windlight features. F55de6f5.csv also provides a way to disable the HUD with the included F56te6f5.csv configuration file. Windlight Probing Windlight Probe Files Many users, like myself, are able to use the supplied Windlight Factory probes to have a great way of tracking the position of the wind. These probes contain the map data for the locations that are being used. I have also created Windlight Probe Files for three more locations that are not in the factory probe files. The files are named with the location and probe data is provided


Free Download Train Sim World 2: Arosalinie: Chur - Arosa Route Add-On Crack + License Key


How To Crack:

  • Make sure you have installed the game in your PC.
  • Start the game and go into the options and then to the Extras tab. Under the Installation folder, input local directory.
  • Insert the downloaded file into game's main installation folder and start the game.

System Requirements For Train Sim World 2: Arosalinie: Chur - Arosa Route Add-On:

· Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent, 2.2 GHz · OpenGL 2.1 or higher · Minimum 10 GB free space · DVD Drive or Blu-ray Drive (Using an external drive is recommended) · 2 GB RAM The size of the game data files is 3 GB and the load time for the game is about 5 minutes. Gameplay Video: The game will be available for download on Steam, so if you're a Steam user, check out the following link for more information:



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