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by Rob Fatic - Wednesday, 27 July 2022, 4:28 PM
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With increased casual sex comes increased STDs, including HIV. With more casual sex, also comes more often than not unprotected sex. According to the United States Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 800,000 people in the United States will contract an STD in their lifetime. Of these, 78% will contract an infection if they have sex without protection. HOW TO AVOID HOOKING UP WITH A SEX ADDICT Casual sex, in fact, is now the predominant mode of sexual expression in the Western world. It's time to end the stigma surrounding it and hopefully normalize our connections to sex as just another part of our lives. Younger generations are finding it easier to define their sexual identity. The sexual revolution that kicked into high gear over the past three decades has transformed the idea of sexuality from something that is taboo to a healthy, normal way to be. WHERE TO FIND THAT A-LIST EX “This piece is hilarious. Enjoyed it thoroughly and look forward to reading more of your work.” —Shelby Scott, social media specialist “Absolutely genius! This is so insightful that I shared your post on my social media pages.” —Kevin Caplener, entrepreneur and coach “The 10-step process, especially the last 2 steps are thoughtful, well balanced and inspiring.” —Sheryl Alter, blogger, author “This is the closest thing to a dating manual I've read in years.” —Kate Flannery, columnist for Miami Herald “Finding myself in pretty much the exact same place as you in my 20s. Your resourceful wisdom was just what I needed.” —Tiffany Winston, writer Slide 7 / 9 Hidden Stigmas of Casual Sex - Reality Check... What I learned The Casual Connections "everyone does it, so what?" mentality is the exact opposite of reality. Just because something is the norm does not mean that something isn’t a healthy choice. It also doesn’t mean that having a hangover the next day is a good time to be having casual sex, however many people in my generation are accustomed to it. This leads us to the next major misconception: sex is wrong. We don’t teach our children that sex is a sin and here we are continuing to see the majority of our young people react to casual sex with the idea that sex is wrong. It’s simple: keeping casual sex a secret
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