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Amazing wallpapers for your mobile phone and tablet 18 Decembrie 2014 - 1152 x 1344 -Joul -Dimensiune: 525Kb -Tama: 496,7Kb - Descărcare de: 3 min.How robust is stroke unit care in a real-world setting? A pilot study of stroke outcomes using the National Stroke Audit. Stroke unit care has been shown to be associated with a lower risk of adverse events and improved functional outcomes. However, before national changes can be made, it is necessary to establish whether stroke unit care is being applied in routine practice in a range of settings and is associated with better outcomes. The aim of this study was to examine the implementation of specific aspects of the National Stroke Treatment Programme within a single centre. Prospective data collection was carried out on all acute stroke admissions in a district general hospital (DGH) from January 2012 to June 2014. Three hundred and forty-four patients were recruited for this study. These patients had a confirmed diagnosis of ischaemic or haemorrhagic stroke by a stroke neurologist with the presence of neurological deficit(s) confirmed by a National Institute of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) of >4 or a Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) score of Q: If condition before executing task We can do all sorts of things before/after executing a task like running a script or some custom logic which is relevant to the task. Is there a way to execute some other logic first, before executing a task in AWS Lamb 3e33713323