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WinRAR Download 64 bit kostenlos - WinRAR ist Das Software Tool zum Entpacken, Komprimieren, Verschlüsseln, Archivieren von Daten für Windows, mit dem RAR- .zip. WinOptimizer This application helps you optimize the Windows system over time. It's built out of the standard set of Microsoft tools included in all free Office 365 products. You'll need to configure your keyboard, mouse, and other input devices as required. To use this software, you'll need Adobe Flash Player installed, or you can try it on the Internet. .... Microsoft Tweaker TweakThis is a new Microsoft Tweak Tool that is easy to use. Works for Windows 7, 8, and 10. It gives you more control over Windows's settings, your desktop, and your camera. Tweaks can be applied to swipe and click-control items, fonts and the video on your screen. Tooltips work well. The app doesn't load every time you type, and it's easy to tailor the dialog to your workflow. It was built by users who support the Tweetbot message boards. TweetTool then shares its success story with you: Share via: AutoInstall If you're not familiar with the Windows version of this tool, you're in for a treat. AutoIninstall is a quick, easy installer which automatically installs Windows, Office, and much more using just one click. There's even an option to install Office with this tool. In any case, Autoinstall will install everything automatically. If you have problems, you can check it out on the MSDN website for more info. It also has support for Mac users. The app is newer than Tweakers, but it is still very useful for Windows users. It uses the same Windows installer by default but also includes other Windows installers, so you can setup your own setup. This software will automatically setup everything, if you accept the installation instruc